Individual LED Panels & Components

Returns for individual product purchases will be accepted within 7-days of delivery. No restocking fee will apply on orders not exceeding $1,500. Orders exceeding $1,500 are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Purchaser is responsible for all return shipping costs. Original shipping costs will not be refunded.

Returns are Not Accepted for:

  • Improper Setup or Use
  • Intentional Damage made by customer
  • Inability to use the product, not due to product defects.
  • Software Licenses
  • Modifications made by customer

Complete Systems

Due to various components that make up a complete system. Complete systems and special orders are only eligible for repair or replacement under the DVS manufacturer’s warranty. A special exception can be made if a 70% or more of the system components have malfunctioned and DVS has officially determined and declared that the malfunction cannot be resolved with service or replacement components under warranty.

A return with refund on a complete system shall be only authorized if DVS has officially declared in writing that no further warranty remedy is available after replacement of malfunctioning components within 60 calendar days of delivery. After 60 days, system returns will not be eligible and all warranty terms for repair and replacement shall apply. Purchaser is responsible to ensure any system malfunctions are promptly addressed in a timely manner. If a return is authorized, a 20% restocking fee shall apply and shipping costs will not be refunded. Purchaser is responsible for all return shipping costs.