Novastar Recommended

All DVS LED Video Panels are compatible with the Novastar and Kystar processing protocols. All video wall packages include the appropriate NovaStar video processor in accordance with the size and use of your system.

Novastar MCTRL300

A compact but powerful processor for most video wall systems. Supports up to 1.6 million led pixels. Includes (1) DVI input and (2) RJ45 outputs.

DVS P703 Processor

Our entry-level LED video processor and scaler designed to expand the flexibility and compatibility of smaller-scale LED video wall applications. The P703 features built-in image scaling functionality that allows for content to properly fit various LED video wall sizes without the need for specialized media software. The P703 integrates with the NovaStar MSD300 sending card to offer the features found in the MCTRL300 but add the necessary scaling and additional inputs needed for flexibility.

Novastar VX4S

The VX4S is a professional LED display controller with built-in image scaling with powerful front-end processing, so an external scaler is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, the VX4S provides excellent image quality on any screen size without the need to configure software resolutions manually.

Novastar NovaPro HD

The NovaPro HD is an advanced professional LED display controller with bulti-in image scaling and a wealth of unique features. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front-end processing, so an external scaler is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, the NovaPro HD with excellent image quality and flexible image control greatly meet the needs of the broadcast industry and large-scale, multi-screen applications.