All orders will begin processing within 1-3 business days of receiving cleared payment. Unless otherwise specified, all orders have a processing and production time of 10-15 business days. Order processing times may vary subject to payment terms, payment processing, holidays and production delays. All customers shall receive an estimated delivery time frame within this agreement upon placing an order. Estimated delivery dates may be subject to delays in production, payment holds, shipping carrier delays, inclement weather and observed holidays.


Orders may be cancelled within 3 Business Days of sending payment without penalty. If an order is cancelled after 3 Business Days have elapsed, a cancellation fee of 10% of the original purchase price may apply for expenses incurred to begin production.


This order must be paid with cleared funds in the full amount due prior to shipping with the one of the following payment methods listed below. 100% prepayment is required to begin production of this order. DVS does not provide net payment terms, down payments, or deposits to hold an item or begin production.

. Accepted Payment Methods & Lead Times:

    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover – Up to $30,000
    • Bank/Wire Transfer
    • Money Order (Allow 14 Business Days for Payment to clear)
    • Business Check – U.S. Only (Allow 14 Business Days for Payment to clear)
  • PayPal – Up to $20,000

Partial/Split Payments: Under explicit approval, DVS may allow purchaser to split payments to in order to pay balance due for the order. All arrangements shall be explicitly outlined in the purchase order. Orders will not begin production until the full balance is paid. For Credit Card Payments, customer is required to fill and sign a Credit Card Authorization Form for each payment. If full balance is not paid within 7-business days, or other time frame agreed by purchaser and DVS, this order as well as all contractual obligations will be considered VOID and all payments will be refunded to purchaser within 7-10 business days via original payment method.

Returned Checks, Disputes, Chargebacks, Non-Payment Policy: If at any time a purchaser files a dispute, chargeback, resolution case or any other dispute that results in funds being reversed prior to delivery, will result in immediate order cancellation. If shipped, the order will also be intercepted and not delivered. Fees owed to DVS may also be assessed for the cost of voiding the shipment, return shipping costs as well as a restocking fee. If the purchaser received merchandise after filing a chargeback, purchaser must return the merchandise delivered within 7-days and provide a valid tracking number. Otherwise, 100% of the original payment will be due to DVS LED Systems along with any additional fees or losses as a result of the returned payment or chargeback. If full payment, including any fees and/or recouped losses owed to DVS are not received or if purchaser refuses to pay the balance due to DVS, or if the purchaser does not respond or cannot be reached by DVS. DVS may pursue repossession and collection efforts through a third party, as well as legal action within purchaser’s jurisdiction to recover losses.


All purchases are shipped after payment has been processed and production has been completed. Tracking Information shall be provided to purchaser upon shipment. DVS is not liable for delays caused by shipping carriers after shipping. If an order must be shipped to purchaser in the United States or Canada from an overseas facility, DVS will pay all import duties and taxes to ensure delivery.

International Shipping Policy: Purchaser’s outside of the United States and Canada shall be responsible for import and clearance of the order into their respective country. A commercial invoice will be provided upon shipment. Purchaser is responsible for payment of import duties, taxes and VAT. DVS will not ship to a forwarding address or 3rd party exporter unless explicitly approved. If shipment to a forwarding address or exporter is approved, DVS shall have no responsibility for loss or damage to the items once delivered to the specified location for export. DVS shall not be held responsible in the event purchaser fails to import the merchandise into their country.

Damaged or Lost Items: Purchaser must notify DVS immediately in the event that an order is damaged upon arrival. If merchandise is lost by the shipping carrier, DVS must notify the shipping carrier to locate the shipment and expedite delivery or begin shipping a replacement order. If order was damaged or mishandled in transit, purchaser shall provide DVS with specific details on the damage with proof via pictures/video. LED panels, processors, hardware and accessories are eligible for repair and/or replacement if damaged by shipping carrier. Flight cases are susceptible to damage during shipping and not eligible for replacement. Expedited shipping subject to availability.