Robe “Pointes” to New Levels with new MegaPointe Luminaire

Robe “Pointes” to New Levels with new MegaPointe Luminaire

April 16, 2018 0 By Lumen Insight Staff

Ever since the moving head came out, there been a consistent advancement in performance and effects. Features like motorized zoom, iris, and frost filters have allowed fixtures to have a wide zoom range, producing a narrow beam all the way to a soft wide wash. However, you would only expect to find this on larger, touring grade fixtures.

It’s safe to say that Robe was the first manufacturer to streamline what we know as a hybrid moving head today with the original Robe Pointe that was launched back in 2013. Since then, the Pointe has become one of Robe’s most popular fixtures and is considered to be the original fixture that started the movement for other manufacturers to start producing their own variant of a hybrid moving light.

The Pointe was a game changer, a bright, compact 280-watt fixture with optics that allowed for seamless beam/spot/wash functionality with dual prisms make it a great primary fixture to use on almost any lighting rig. But with a single 13-slot color wheel and limited output in Spot mode, the Pointe’s capabilities can be somewhat limited in certain environments. This is where other manufacturers produced hybrid offerings to accomplish what the original Pointe couldn’t.

Soon after the Pointe’s debut, offerings from manufacturers like Clay Paky, Martin and Elation we’re released with higher outputs and packing advanced effects that the Pointe didn’t offer in a larger, but still compact size. Features like CMY color mixing, framing shutters, animation wheel, advanced gobos and shutters were all available. Now of course out of Robe respect, the BMFL Spot and BMFL WashBeam are capable of these features, but the BMFL series of luminaries are immensely bright and typically reserved for only the largest applications.

After the original Pointe’s success, Robe was quick to fill the gap with 2R beam fixtures by offering the miniPointe. With offerings like the Clay Paky Mythos and Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid, however, there was certainly a gap in Robe’s product line for this type of fixture. Thus, the MegaPointe was born.

For the past couple months, Robe has been generating a lot of buzz with teasers of a new fixture with “MEGA” features and being dubbed as the “New Reference Point”. Followed by an epic worldwide debut on September 5th with an epic light show exclusively featuring the MegaPointe.

What It Offers

The Robe MegaPointe is essentially the bigger brother to the original Pointe. While it’s not as bright as the BMFL, it can certainly throw it’s light output much farther with a 470-watt Osram HRI discharge lamp. Producing around 20,000 lumens, the MegaPoint has a zoom range of 1.8º – 42º. The MegaPointe looks very similar to the original Pointe but features a larger lens aperture and slightly larger body the fixture measures 25.2 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.

These measurements are only about 2 inches larger than the original Pointe, despite the compact size the MegaPointe is packing in so much more. Not just packing more than original Pointe, but much more than it’s competitors. Starting with the optical system, the MegaPointe offers a new patent-pending proprietary advanced optical system that allows selectable CRI via DMX. In beam mode the zoom can range from 1.8º to 21º, Spot mode allows 3 º – 42º, as well as two variable frost filters for fully customizable wash looks.

The fixture also offers a new “Hot-Spot” control function that allows users control the center intensity of the beam through motorized positioning of the lamp. Resulting in much great brightness or more refined dimming within a certain brightness range. When it comes to dimming, the MegaPointe has a 16-bit mechanical dimmer, as well as a mechanical shutter capable of producing quick blackouts and strobe flashes up to 15 flashes per second.

The MegaPointe is equipped with a 13-slot dichroic color wheel with 2 CTO color filters as well as Kongo Blue (UV) filter. The MegaPointe goes the extra mile adding CMY color mixing to allow for precise color output when combined with selectable CRI. The fixture allows refined control of colors including color effect speed, and a virtual color wheel with 66 pre-defined colors.

The MegaPointe also features both 3 and 5 PIN DMX data connections, as well as an ethernet connection for direct ArtNet support, and a Neutrik PowerCON input.

Let’s Talk Effects…

When Robe released teasers of the MegaPointe, they placed emphasis on effects being Mega. To start, the MegaPointe has 2 gobo wheels. One 14-slot static gobo wheel with 4 beam reducers, and one rotating gobo wheel with 9 interchangeable, indexable gobos.

Now the original Pointe managed to shock the industry introducing a fixture with 2 separate prisms. As for the MegaPointe, it features an interesting set of SIX rotating prisms where four of the prism selections are angle focused. You have two 6-facet linear prisms, one with a 20º angle, the other with 25º angle. Two 8-facet circular prisms, one with a 12º angle, the other an 18º angle. One 32-facet circular prism, and one cylindrical prism.

This prism design could be a good move for a hybrid fixture. But as of right now, it’s questionable as to how these prisms interact with the current zoom set on the fixture. Either way based on the launch video we saw the effects it was capable of producing was nothing short of stunning. The fixture also has built in effects engine that allows for easily accessible beam effects and Robe’s signature flower effect.

The MegaPointe also managed to pack in rotating, indexable framing shutters for fully customizable beam shaping as well as a rotating animation wheel that can be used in combination with the parameters listed above or as a stand-alone effect. All of these unique effects have full DMX control, along with plenty of macros and preset patterns for easy busking of effects.

The Future

The original Robe Pointe is a widely popular fixture worldwide, and it would be a good bet to assume that the same may happen with the MegaPointe. We’re excited to see how the MegaPointe will impact the lighting design industry. Stay tuned to Lumen Insight for a future in-depth review of this fixture as it becomes available.