Robe Discreetly Releases MiniMe DV with Game Changing Style

Robe Discreetly Releases MiniMe DV with Game Changing Style

April 14, 2018 0 By Lumen Insight Staff

Let’s face it, when it comes integrating moving head fixtures into an architectural decor to have a seamless non-obtrusive look, it’s a challenge when you have to install them in plain sight of drywall and ceiling finishes without decorative beams or truss to hide everything. Even though we as professionals always think the aesthetic design of lighting fixtures are sexy, others may find them pretty bulky and not as seamless as some of their audio counterparts.

Remember what surveillance cameras used to look like back in the 80’s and 90’s? They were a little easier to notice back in the day with their bulky casings. Now with improved technology, the average security camera has a sleek dome design that blends right in with the decor. The same might be starting to take place with Robe’s New MiniMe DV.

The MiniMe DV is based on the original MiniMe, the compact FX luminaire with full video capabilities (moving projector), but offered in an entirely new sleek and modern enclosure. Slightly bigger than the regular MiniMe by about 2 inches. As a matter of fact, Robe is also offering a facelift upgrade kit for existing MiniMe owners to upgrade to the DV’s design. The finishes are available in high-gloss Black, White, and Red finishes (availability of custom colors is currently unknown) similar to high-end speakers and AV equipment. Even though it may have a little bit of a R2-D2/Darth Vader helmet design, it blends seamlessly and stunningly into any modern decor you put it in.

Robe does actually have to some experience in designing moving heads that integrate with more architectural designs. Remember the RecessedWash 150? So not only does this light have a sleek look, the casing is designed to be functional as well. Neatly concealing the wiring connections and the on-board interface. It could even seamlessly integrate into residential decors if homeowners wanted intelligent lighting in their homes.

What It Offers

The Robe MiniMe DV offers the exactly same functionality and performance as the MiniMe. The MiniMe DV features an RGB-LED powered projector that has a multitude of onboard effects and full video output capabilities all in a small, fast-moving yoke. Like the MiniMe, the DV variant features a Raspberry-Pi based micro-media server for generating colors, beam affects, and outputting video. Users can upload custom artwork and projection designs directly to the fixture for in a stand-alone setting or control via DMX.

The MiniMe DV is also capable of outputting video from a centrally variety of media servers via ArtNet. Of course, like a projector the MiniMe has an HDMI input that can be easily activated via DMX for live input. The MiniMe DV supports DMX, ArtNet, and RDM protocols with optional wireless DMX capability.

Like the MiniMe, Robe notes the fixture has an output comparable 2500 ANSI lumens from a standard projector. It has a standard 16 degree output angle with an option to add a wide-angle lens for those looking for more coverage. Thanks to having full video output capabilities, a wide range of features normally found on advanced moving lights are available digitally without the need for mechanical moving parts, except focus which remains motorized.

The light features digital iris, RGB/CMY color mixing, dimmer, strobe, indexable/rotating digital gobos, fisheye effect, cross stitching and some video unique features such as video speed control directly within the on-board media server of the fixture. The list just goes on and on. We can’t speak on performance just yet, but being similar to the standard MiniMe, it’s pretty certain the performance will be nothing short of stunning.

What’s Next

This light has a game changing design, finding a moving light (or moving projector) that is sleek in design with top-notch performance is filling a gap for the architectural industry. There are still a lot of questions to be answered about this unique fixture. Currently Robe has not made any statements about this fixture. We’re excited to see what comes this fixture, so stay tuned as more details unfold.