Purchasing Questions

Most orders have a processing time of 10-15 business days from the date payment is received. This is to ensure that your LED video wall is fully calibrated with matching color coefficients and ready to operate upon delivery. Most orders are shipped via Express Freight and delivered within 5-10 business days once shipped.

Delivery times may vary depending on order size, holidays and availability. A DVS representative will provide you with estimated delivery dates upon placing your order.

All DVS LED video products and accessories come with a 3-year warranty on all parts and labor plus unlimited technical support via phone, email and remote desktop. DVS LED Systems maintains an in-house service facility in Florida plus a network of Authorized Dealers and 3rd Party Service Professionals.

Please visit our warranty information page for more details.

Yes! We have partnered with financial institutions to cater to the needs of our customers. We offer options with 0% down payment and solutions for those with challenged credit.

You can learn more about our financing program here.

Absolutely! DVS maintains a network Authorized Dealers and Resellers throughout the US who offer product demonstrations. Some DVS rental providers are also capable of offering demonstrations as well. You can locate your nearest DVS Authorized Dealer using our Provider Locator Page here.

Yes! Please contact us for a quote and we'll show you the savings.

We aim to process each order as quickly as possible. In some cases, we may be able to expedite an order. Due to our sales volumes and the unique customization our customers require, it is not always possible to keep particular products in a stocked inventory.

Our production and lead time ensures that your LED video wall is fully calibrated with matching color coefficients and ready for operation upon delivery. We do not mix batches to meet customer demand.

If you are in need of a video wall for an event that prior to delivery, our network of dealers and rental providers may be able to provide you with a DVS LED video wall for your event. Find your nearest Rental Provider using our Provider Locator page here.

DVS specifically focuses on the sales and service of LED video display systems. We maintain a large network of Authorized Dealers and Rental Providers throughout the US. Use our Provider Locator page to find your closest Rental provider. Subject to provider availability.

First, we're here to help. LED Video Walls are designed to be modular to suit many various applications and environments. Contact our Expert Advisors or Request a Quote telling us your needs and requirements for an LED wall.

A highly-trained DVS representative will help you determine the right solution and LED Video wall equipment for your particular application. as well as provide a wealth of information to help you make an informed and confident purchase decision.

It is generally known that LED video walls (regardless of brand/manufacturer) can have color and brightness differences between each production batch of panels. As an OEM direct manufacturer, DVS keeps a log of all coefficients and batches for each customer. If you decide to expand or add to your LED wall in the future, DVS will apply those coefficients to get the colors of your new LED panels to match as closely as possible to your original panels. We also ensure that the face of your LED wall and cabinet design are consistent with your original panels.

DVS panels also utilize the industry standard NovaStar control system. The NovaStar software offers batch calibration functionality that can allow you to closely match your new LED panels to your original panels.

Technical Questions

Yes. The panels can be mounted with a custom-fabricated mounting frame provided by a certified installer. We can also work with existing contractors to provide CAD drawings for architectural integrations

Direct wall mounting of an LED wall requires professional installation, please visit our Provider Locator page to locate an installer for consultation or contact us for more information.

DVS provides installation services nationwide. In addition, we maintain a large network of Authorized Dealers throughout the US capable of providing professional installation.

You will need a PC or MAC in order to configure the processor for the video wall. If you plan to use a computer for video output, your computer will need a secondary display output to connect to the video processors. DVS processors and controllers can accept HDMI, DVI, VGA, and SDI connections.

DVS video walls are compatible with all video playback and media software programs. Essentially, your computer creates an extended display for the video wall, giving the flexibility to display whatever you like.

It's important to check if your software of choice allows you to scale the size of your video content being displayed. Otherwise, a video processor with scaling may be necessary.

Yes. All DVS and NovaStar processors can be used with a media player or cable box.

NOTE: The NovaStar MCTRL series are not compatible media players or cable boxes.

Yes. Please let us know your requirements and camera model so we can supply you with a compatible processor or interface.